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Hi there,

Do you want to run your own daytime cleaning business? We have a successful cleaning franchise business system you can join today. Start your own Auckland cleaning business with Select by your side.

As the Master Franchisees for Select Cleaning Auckland we have helped many people experience financial and personal success by purchasing a Select franchise business.

We have worked with people who were: -

  • Worried about the unknowns of running a business
  • Struggling to find the right kind of work for themselves or their partner
  • Wanting working hours that don’t destroy their family life
  • Desperate to improve their future but were not sure if a cleaning business was for them
  • Just plain annoyed about the size of their pay packet compared to the time they spent at work.

If some of these points describe your situation - then read on.

quote mark Select Cleaning - Michelle
"Owning a Select Franchise has given me the flexibility to determine my own hours along with the advantages of being my own boss. Being mum to two teenagers keeps me quite busy and being my own boss helps me take care of their needs while still running a successful business. The Select name has helped me to achieve high standards and be proud of being a Select Franchisee."
- Michelle
(Please note that your level of success in this business is dependent on you following your training and on your commitment to your business)

You see, we believe if you are looking for a cleaning business franchise for sale in Auckland, our established system can provide you with a positive way to move on from where you are now.

For many years we have been successfully supporting those who buy a Select cleaning business in Auckland. Our sole job is to help others achieve the most from this great opportunity.

quote mark Select Cleaning - Priya & Ashneel
"We feel proud to be a part of the Select team as it has given us the opportunity to be owner operators of our own business. We have found that investing in the Select Franchise is rewarding and also offers us flexibility with our working hours. For anyone interested in owning a cleaning business, we would definitely recommend Select Cleaning."
- Priya & Ashneel
(Please note that your level of success in this business is dependent on you following your training and on your commitment to your business)

Here’s how we can help you.

We can help you choose the best size of business to meet your needs. Our support team will help you to achieve your goals.

You can feel the pride of owning a home cleaning business. Our job is to help you make your dream of owning a business happen.

Starting a cleaning business can be tough. You can benefit from our experience. We know what does and doesn't work in our business and will teach you how to avoid expensive mistakes.

We will show you how to make the difficult easy. You will receive thorough training in the Select business system to give you a fast start to business success. You don't need any previous experience.

Add more flexibility to the hours you spend working. We can show you how our system allows you to choose your hours of work to match your lifestyle. We can help if you are looking for either a part time or full time business for sale during daytime business hours.

We take away the worry during your start up stage. When you buy a Select Cleaning business, we establish your business for you by providing regular customers.

We have the expertise to arrange finance. Let us know if you need a loan to purchase the business and we will explain how we may be able to arrange this for you.

quote mark Select Cleaning - Helen & Simon
"Having a Select franchise was the fastest way for us to realise our dream of owning a business. We feel we are now on the ladder to success, with the safety of the Double Business Guarantee. With the company’s support we are earning money easily and have a great lifestyle."
- Helen & Simon
(Please note that your level of success in this business is dependent on you following your training and on your commitment to your business)

Let us explain how the SelectCleaning business model works:

You choose from our range of 9 different sizes of cleaning business. Each cleaning business is priced according to its size. At our initial consultation we will help you choose the right business size to suit your needs. In this process we will go through the costs of different business sizes with you.

The size of cleaning business you choose will depend on the number of people who will work in the business and the number of hours you want to work.

As Master Franchisees for Select Cleaning Auckland we set up the cleaning business for you with repeat regular customers. You will provide either a weekly or fortnightly service to these customers. The customers pay you directly, immediately after each service.

Extensive one-on-one training is provided when you purchase your business. Our detailed training programme shows you how to delight your customers in order to build customer loyalty.

Our established cleaning business system has easy steps for you to follow in the operation of your business. You have the benefit of the ongoing support from our experienced staff.

As the cleaning business owner, you will receive detailed training on how to grow your business.

Best of all, you are allowed to use the Select brand. We are a long established, New Zealand Franchise with an excellent reputation.

Just make contact with us today and we will show you the way to operate a daytime cleaning business in either a part time or full time way.

If you would like to learn how to benefit financially from owning a SelectCleaning business, take a few moments now and fill in the form below or contact us on the phone number at the top of this page.

Best Regards,
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Graeme and Sylvia Norton

Auckland Master Franchisees

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